Rugby Should Ban Contact Training Sessions

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Rugby Should Ban Contact Training Sessions

A UK leading concussion expert has advised that rugby should limit – or entirely ban – contact training sessions during the playing season, to reduce the risk of brain injury.

Consultant neuropathologist Dr Willie Stewart said that professional game concussion rates are “unacceptably high” and the sport must change, adopting a ‘safety first’ attitude.

“There’s a whole lot of unnecessary exposure. Professional rugby players don’t forget by Monday or Tuesday how to play rugby, how to tackle, how to go into a ruck.”

Backing up this statement is English Rugby’s latest annual injury audit, showing concussion was the most reported injury for the sixth season running in 2016-17.

While it is beneficial to collect statistics on brain injury in profession sport, looking at real change like the limiting of contact in professional sport training has to have long-term benefits for the players who suffer from CTE and sports concussion.



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