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NuroChek was developed by HeadsafeIP Pty Ltd, an Australian technology company, to meet a clear market need.

A strong team with on-the-ground and research experience is behind the product development, representing collaborations with major Universities and focus in sports medicine, neurology, ophthalmology, psychology and biomedical engineering.

Management Profiles

  • Dr Adrian Cohen
    Dr Adrian Cohen CEO/Founder

    30 years in sports medicine, head and neck injuries

    Dr. Cohen is the visionary medical powerhouse and company founder/leader behind Headsafe and its revolutionary medical device, Nurochek.

    As CEO has steered the company since inception, provides technology and product vision and is the public face
    of Headsafe Adrian is an internationally acclaimed expert in pre-hospital event & sports medicine including emergency medical evacuation with a focus on sports brain injury.

  • Dr Greg Roger
    Dr Greg Roger co-Founder

    Overseeing engineering, regulatory and IP activities

    Dr. Roger is an established MedTech entrepreneur, regulatory expert, award winning biomedical engineer and spinal surgery expert.

    Greg has over 30 years’ medtech, biomedical, industry, regulatory and engineering experience, medical and surgical product development and commercialization. He provides ISO:13485 Medical Device Certification expertise for the FDA, private and public companies and has had a successful IPO.

  • Dr. Kay Trippner
    Dr. Kay Trippner CFO

    Overseeing commercialisation
    and financial management

    Dr. Trippner has 13 years in commercial senior management
    positions at major international corporate, SME and start-up level.

    With a background in corporate finance and mechanical engineering, he held commercial director and senior
    management positions within the Volkswagen group in Asia and Germany. In the last 6 years he co-founded and successfully exited a tech start-up, as well as holding C-Suite positions in various others.

  • Claude Greer
    Claude Greer VP Sales & Marketing

    Leads Go to Market strategy and execution

    Claude has 2 decades experience in medical device/product management and R&D for major companies.

    He is a hands-on, fast moving medical product leader with diverse sales, marketing, and management experience. He has expertise in digital health (neurocognitive applications related to
    TBI, dementia, and pre/post-surgical assessment), robotics, healthcare IT, medical imaging as well as diagnostics.

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