Concussion hits Junior Rugby with Early Retirements and Injuries

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Concussion hits NZ Junior Rugby with Early Retirements and Injuries for 5th Year

Junior Rugby concussions have continued to rise, with champs hit with concussion injuries forced to retire early.

The number of concussions lodged with ACC for junior rugby players has hit a five year high, according to data mentioned in a recent Stuff article. The ACC classifies all players under the age of 19 as junior.

Despite Blue Card protocols, rules and regulations intended to manage concussion on the field, the concussion figures are attributed to a “culture issue” where parents, coaches and also players tended to ignore symptoms of concussion. Brain Injury Association NZ spokesman Brett Morris said this and also:

Part of the reason for the increase in recorded concussions will be partly due to a greater recognition of the problem. Previously, the culture was very much to play on after being treated with cold water.

Cold water? In Japan, headgear is compulsory for all junior rugby players. Perhaps looking at progressive protocols and technology such as the NuroChek will ensure more junior players are not affected by concussion early in their careers.



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