NuroChek Device FAQs

How long does a NuroChek test take?

In 2-3 minutes it helps a clinician assess when a player has to leave the field, and when they are safe to return to playing. The current SCAT5 Test is a mixture of tests, and takes an experienced doctor over 20 minutes.

How much does the NuroChek headset cost?

The NuroChek headset will retail for under USD$500 and the software sell for around USD$25/user/year.

Is NuroChek safe?

At most, a small amount of discomfort from the EEG headset can occur. Mild headache and nausea may rarely occur as a result of continual flashing stimulus. If this is the case, please tell the person conducting the test and take a break.

In an extremely small number of people (less than 2 in every million) flashing lights have been known to trigger a seizure in epileptic people. You will be asked if you are epileptic or have ever had these problems prior to being tested and should not be tested if you have a history of epilepsy, seizure, fits, faints or funny turns.

How does NuroChek work?

NuroChek uses established technology to actually measure the brain’s normal electrical activity and tells us when it is abnormal. Research shows that this EEG changes distinctly in concussion. A custom headset shines light into the players eyes (visual stimulus), and electrodes on the back of the head broadcast the EEG signal to a smartphone for analysis.

When can I buy a NuroChek?

Like all medical devices, there are strict rules in every country around the safety and efficacy of technology.

We are currently planning clinical trials in Australia, the US, Europe and New Zealand, and the data from these will supplement extensive engineering tests which will ultimately allow us to apply for Regulatory Approval in these countries (FDA, CE Mark and TGA).

What is NuroChek?

NuroChek is a portable headset using clinically validated, patented technology to actually measure the brain’s electrical activity and send results to a smartphone for analysis and the cloud for storage and future comparison.

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