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NuroChek (previously Concussionometer) was developed by HeadsafeIP Pty Ltd, an Australian technology company, to meet a clear market need.

With an estimated 10 million sports related concussions internationally each year, and over a billion sports participants at risk, this revolutionary technology is designed to take the uncertainty (and controversy) out of brain injury diagnosis, not only at the elite level but for our schools and community sports, so that players can know when they can (safely) return to playing.

It also has applicability to the military, vehicle accidents and falls in the home, for the doctors and health care professionals who look after these injuries wherever they occurs.

Concussion costs the community in Australia an estimated $40 million annually, and the US measures the cost in excess of $60 billion. The human cost is measured in short, medium and long term consequences ranging from lost productivity and prolonged symptoms all the way to catastrophic Second Impact Syndrome deaths and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). CTE was the subject of last year’s Hollywood blockbuster “Concussion” with Will Smith. It’s the NFL, soccer, Rugby and NHL hockey’s billion dollar liability, and sports #1 headache.

A strong team with on-the-ground and research experience is behind the product development, representing collaborations with major Universities and focus in sports medicine, neurology, ophthalmology, psychology and biomedical engineering.

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