Brain health: what is it?

Brain health is difficult to define. It is shrouded in subjectivity, opinion and dogma. Most tests of the brain examine it’s functions (thinking processes, feeling and emotions, balance, memory etc). These tests can be complicated. Subjective. Time-consuming and sometimes difficult to understand. Like the brain itself.

Unlike other parts of the human body, brain injury or illess doesn’t (initially) show on the outside.

Current tests are often seen as inadequate and lead to unwanted consequences (and  headlines) for individuals, their families and the community.

Nurochek is the latest in brain health assessment– and a test takes only 2 minutes!

Introducing Nurochek


Nurochek is an Australian innovation and a world-first, portable  brain assessment device.

Nurochek uses established technology to actually measure aspects of the brain’s normal electrical activity using EEG (electroencephalography) .

A custom headset shines light into the subject’s eyes, and electrodes on the back of the head broadcast the EEG signal to a smartphone for analysis and the cloud for secure HIPAA, GDPR and Australian Privacy Principle compliant storage.

It takes 2-3 minutes. And its designed to be affordable and portable.

nurocheck app

The technology


An initial reading or “baseline” is taken. For subsequent assessment, a result differing from the previous test means a doctor should be consulted.

After appropriate rest and treatment, return to the baseline suggests to the doctor that it may be OK to return to normal activity (if all other signs and symptoms of the inital event have abated).


The Nurochek headset

May 2018.

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